Comfort Shield Club Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

A 14-day waiting period shall apply after customer application has been processed before the selected plan goes into effect. Customer warrants that customer’s natural gas, propane or electric house heater, electric central air conditioner, heat pump or oil heater and/or natural gas, propane, oil or electric water heater, or fuel line is in good working order and meets code and manufacturer installation requirements. This agreement covers, except as specifically set forth herein, all labor and materials for adjustment, repair or replacement of the functional parts (listed below) which fail through normal use during the term of your service agreement. A single plan will cover no more than one heater, water heater, or central air conditioner, and the agreement will only cover the equipment specified for that plan. Establishments with more than one unit will be priced at multiples of the agreement rate for each additional unit. This agreement may be transferred to a new owner of the property where the equipment under coverage is located. Coverage for new oil heating equipment will begin only after a routine maintenance inspection and evaluation. The cost of an initial oil heat inspection will be based on the condition of your equipment. Customers who choose monthly payments options will pay 12 monthly payments over the duration of the contract term (1 year). If the account becomes delinquent, Vertex reserves the right to terminate the contract and bill for any service work performed. Unless canceled by notifying Vertex, this agreement will automatically renew upon the expiration date at the rates, fees, terms and conditions in effect at the time of renewal. Contract automatically renews unless canceled by customer. Vertex shall provide no more than 20 days and no less than 10 days’ notice of the renewal date. Customer may cancel renewal by providing written notice of cancellation postmarked no later than 3 business days prior to renewal. Vertex technicians must have safe access to and safe working conditions at and around the covered equipment.


General Conditions

Vertex reserves the right to inspect the equipment for satisfactory operating conditions prior to acceptance of the agreement. This agreement does not cover damages and repairs necessitated by customer abuse, fire, flood, freezing, electrical surges, or other abnormal conditions or pre-existing conditions. Nor does it cover work from faulty design or installation from other contractors. Vertex reserves the right to reject any application or cancel the contract and refund the agreement price paid if the covered equipment does not comply with the provisions of the agreement.

Gas Furnaces, Heat Pumps/AC Systems

Liability is limited solely to the repair or replacement of any non-refrigeration parts in the mechanical systems in the home. All parts and repairs will be billed with a 50% discount. Damage due to broken condensate lines or any plumbing lines are not covered by the service agreement.

Oil Burners

Excessive soot on any oil burner is not included in the warranty and will be priced before service is rendered. Vertex will not be held liable for any costs related to oil leaks and or spills. Oil tanks are not included in coverage.


Internal piping such as Quest pipe, and/or pipes, where water quality has eroding qualities, will not be covered by this plan. For plumbing parts and equipment to be included in the warranty, water quality in the home must maintain iron levels below 1 PPM, pH levels between 6.7–7.3, and hardness levels below 8 grains. Vertex reserves the right to restrict coverage eligibility for certain specific equipment models.


Any electronics such as, but not limited to, computer boards, variable speed motors, con­trol boards, that are not protected with inline surge protection are not covered in the plan.

Mini Split Heat Pumps

Mini split heat pumps with a single indoor head with a single outdoor unit are considered a system and can be included in the program. Multizone systems where you have 2 or more heads and a single outdoor unit will be charged an additional $2.49 per month for each additional head.


Special replacement media such as but not limited to, RO Membrane, UV bulbs, HEPA filtration are not included in the standard plan but can be added to the agreement at an additional monthly cost.

Obsolete Parts

Any part deemed obsolete by the manufacturer will not be covered in this plan.

Extended Service Area

Customers inside this area may be subject to an additional fee to cover an environmental surcharge. This will be added to your agreement at the time of signing up. This is not a replacement plan; however, in the event your unit is deemed not repairable due to failure of a covered part, or it is not cost-effective to repair, Vertex will give you up to a $100 discount off the cost of a new HVAC system for each consecutive year enrolled in the plan. In the event that there is any pause to the agreement for any reason, the customer relinquishes all acquired discounts in this fund. Refrigerant parts and repairs qualify for a 50% discount.


Additional Savings

Within the 12-month coverage period on all equipment plans, customers with a service agreement will receive a 10% discount on any repair work. This 10% discount is not applied to any fees or surcharges. The Quick Check package does not include heater cleanings and A/C tune-ups. If a part is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and not our service agreement, labor is charged at the 10% discounted rate.

Vertex’s Discretion

The decision of whether to repair or replace a defective part or the selection of the replacement part rests exclusively with Vertex. Vertex is not responsible for obtaining obsolete or unavailable parts, and nor are these parts covered in this plan. Material and labor costs to alter existing equipment or piping to be adapted for replacement parts in the above circumstances will be borne by the customer. Qualified contractors, at Vertex’s discretion, may be used to fulfill all or part of its obligation under this contract. If equipment is inaccessible or unsafe for service by one technician, the customer must pay for additional personnel at prevailing rates. Vertex assumes no liabilities for either the quality or condition of the water or for any damage that it may cause to the covered equipment or to any other property or fixture of customer or any other person or entity. If the equipment under coverage is moved at any time during the coverage period, or the system is serviced by any other contractor without the consent of Vertex, the service contract is void.


Customer acknowledges that weather conditions shall affect response times. Customer further acknowledges that Vertex, in its whole discretion shall schedule all work by priority. Annual maintenances and inspections can be performed at any time throughout the year. Customer agrees that Vertex shall not be liable for any incidental, special, or consequential damages incurred by customer.

Fees and Surcharges

In addition to the price for desired coverage, customer agrees to pay Vertex Mechanical Inc, fees, rates, surcharges, and other charges in effect on the date that services are rendered, which may include, but not limited to, an after-hours fee, response fee, and/or motor fuel fee. Vertex Mechanical Inc. reserves the right to change its fees and other charges from time to time without prior notice. Vertex Mechanical Inc. fees, and other charges, if any, are not refundable except to the extent that a refund may be required by law. You will be assessed a $30.00 fee for any returned checks. Terms and Conditions subject to change.


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