Comfort Shield Club Maintenance Plans

Peace of Mind Package

$85.95 per Month
  • 20-point safety and efficiency inspection
  • Advanced system tune-up and performance testing
  • 2 annual tune-ups
  • Bi-annual water heater inspection
  • Annual electrical inspection
  • Annual 35-point plumbing inspection for 2.5 baths
  • 50% discount on parts and repairs
  • 20% discount on any replacements or upgrades (new HVAC systems not included)
  • Annual accrual towards new HVAC system replacement ($100/yr)
  • No dispatch fees Monday through Friday 8–4 ($100 discount on after-hour calls)
  • Free maintenance of most HVAC accessories
  • Water softener service and up to 6 bags of salt annually

Safety & Efficiency Package

$59.95 per Month
  • 20-point safety and efficiency inspection
  • Advanced system tune-up and performance testing
  • 2 annual tune-ups
  • Bi-annual water heater inspection
  • Annual electrical inspection
  • 10% discount on repairs

Bi-Annual Tune-Up Package

$29.95 per Month
  • 20-point safety and efficiency inspection
  • Advanced system tune-up and performance testing two times a year (once for air conditioning and once for furnace)

Annual Tune-Up Package

$15.95 per Month
  • 20-point safety and efficiency inspection
  • Advanced system tune-up and performance testing

Value Added Options (per month):

  • Add electrical maintenance*† $8.29
  • Add plumbing maintenance up to 2.5 baths* $12.49
  • System accessories service (media additional)* $2.49
  • Neutralizer service (up to 2 bags of media annually)* $7.99
  • Add water softener service (up to 6 bags of salt annually)* $7.49
  • Additional system tune-up $9.99
  • Additional system Quick Check $5.99
  • Add bathroom (after 2.5 baths) $3.75
  • Add for oil burner $12.25
  • Add for a whole-house standby generator service (up to 22K) $17.50
  • Mini split multi zone $2.92/head
    *included with Peace of Mind Package †included with Safety & Efficiency Package


One of the most important steps you can take to protect your Berks, Lancaster, or Chester County home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) investment is having regular professional maintenance performed on it. The same applies to any other major home system you have, like your indoor air quality components and your water heater. Proper preventative maintenance helps promote an efficient system by eliminating costly, unexpected repairs and extending its life.

At Vertex Mechanical, we offer various maintenance plans to help you with your recommended maintenance. To further assist you, our different levels help you to meet your service and financial needs.

What Are the Benefits of a Maintenance Plan?

When your maintenance plan is with Vertex Mechanical, you will enjoy assorted services and benefits for your HVAC system. You will experience great peace of mind no matter what level you select and for which system.

We will assume the responsibility of your maintenance and will remind you when your seasonal maintenance tune-ups are needed, contacting you to schedule them. This is what we mean by you gaining peace of mind. Much less for you to do.

An additional benefit of our maintenance plan is what you receive from regular maintenance with our knowledgeable and trained professionals. Our team members are second to none, so you can expect your system to operate at high efficiency with consistent maintenance.

You will receive several distinct services and perks from our professional team, depending upon your maintenance plan level. Guaranteed priority service and discounts on parts and labor are perks you could receive. Call us today for details about any and all of our plans.

One of the most fundamental benefits you will receive for your HVAC maintenance plan is an annual service visit to your Pennsylvania home in the spring for your cooling system and then in the fall for your heating system. Let us keep track of your visits for you. This way, there is no chance of your scheduling falling through the cracks.

The Vertex Guarantee

When we clean and check your HVAC system, you can be confident we will only ever send our most qualified and well-educated team members to do the job. You will receive a comprehensive inspection and cleaning.

You can look forward to your system operating at peak performance again when we have completed your maintenance. You can also expect to experience all the cost savings associated with a high-efficiency unit.

Contact Us Today

To learn more about our Vertex Mechanical Comfort Shield Club preventative maintenance plans, call 717-335-2633 or schedule service online. We would love to discuss what options would best suit your systems and lifestyle here in Berks, Lancaster, and Chester Counties.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Ephrata, ST 17522

“Very pleasant and knowledgeable on the unit. Cleaned up when finished. Ontime service. Very polite.”
- Carol T.

Furnace Maintenance in Exton, ST 19341

“Their tech Mike called ahead with a timeframe and adhered to it. He was courteous and answered all questions to our satisfaction. He reset our wifi and test run schedule and performed a yearly checkup. Just plain great service!!!”

- Edwin E.

Boiler Maintenance in Ephrata, ST 17522

“Steve was here promptly. He did a good job in cleaning and checking our oil furnace. He was very helpful in explaining
things to me.”

- Audrey G.

Heat Pump Maintenance in New Holland, ST 17557

“Friendly and professional service.”

- Jim Z.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Shillington, ST 19540

“Steve was thorough, considerate and helpful. We have always found Vertex employees to be honest and not pushy!! Thanks, Vertex!”

- Bonnie S.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Shillington, PA 19607

“Service by Steve Wakefield was exemplary. He is efficient, courteous, cordial and professional.”

- William T.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Denver, PA 17578

“Austin came out to do our yearly maintenance service & find issue with our system not working correctly. He was thorough, friendly and explained everything. Vertex has a great team. Another satisfied experience once again from Vertex Mechanical.”

- Nancy U.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Lancaster, PA 19363

“Cesar completed the yearly maintenance on our air conditioning unit. He was on time, efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable about how to use the a/c unit as efficiently as possible. Great experience! Thank you Vertex Mechanical for having Cesar on your team!”

- Suzanne H.

Indoor Air Quality Maintenance in Mount Joy, PA 17022-9579

“Mr. Santiago was very knowledgeable and was able to problem solve things that had been brewing for years! We will certainly breathe easier after he cleaned our system!! Thank you Cesar!”

- Dawn H.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Leola, PA 17540

“Vince Kling came out to service our central air conditioning that stopped working on a 95-degree day. Very knowledgeable, and he took the time to explain his troubleshooting technique. I enjoyed his company as he replaced the Run Capacitor. The air was back on in no time, and my family woke up quite chilly the next morning. Thanks Vince!”

- Joe H.

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